Friday, April 7, 2006

Foxmarks 0.63

Today we pushed out Foxmarks 0.63, a release that inches us closer to exiting beta. This version fixes a long-standing problem with separators not syncing, and implements a facility for recovering gracefully from a situation in which you had to perform an upload rather than the normal sync -- the latest version allows you to merge that uploaded file with your current bookmarks, or simply download it and overwrite what you had stored locally. Finally, version 0.63 now displays the Terms of Service in the Setup Wizard when you go to create an account.

As far we know, there are no oustanding bugs other than the ones listed on the Known Bugs page, none of which are on the short-list for being fixed. So if you see anything that doesn't look right (especially any kind of synchronization problem), please let us know. We're getting nearer to wrapping this up into a formal release.