Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Managing localization?

We've posted before a general query looking for people to assist in the localization of Foxmarks, and a handful of people have responded with specific offers to help us produce translated versions of Foxmarks in various languages. As noted earlier, Premier was one of the first to offer such help, and his Japanese translation has been part of Foxmarks since version 0.55. We've also received offers to help with translations in Dutch, German, Spanish, and Chinese.

The obstacle that has prevented us from moving forward on this is not knowing how best to manage the localization project. For instance, what kinds of tools and instructions do we need to provide to localizers? How do we manage changes in the UI that need then to be reflected in changes to the localization? What's the best way to organize the work of (and communicate with) localizers?

If you've been on either side of such a localization project for a Firefox extension, we'd really appreciate your input. If there's a localization project that you think has worked particularly well, please let us know.

We'd really like to see Foxmarks in as many languages as possible, but inasmuch as we're relying on the good will of our volunteer localizers, we feel it's really important to be efficient, well-organized, and have a clearly thought-out plan before we proceed.