Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Server Upgrade Completed

Today was a challenging day for Team Foxmarks. We managed to complete the server upgrade and data migration that we'd been planning for a couple of weeks, and, while I would like to report that it went smoothly, that would not be an accurate characterization of the process and its ultimate outcome.

The bad news is that we lost some user accounts in the migration. To those users whose accounts suffered this fate: we're truly sorry. Instructions for recreating your account can be found here; the silver lining in the cloud is that, since the data in your account is a copy of the data that you already have on your PC's, in all likelihood, no data was lost. (We do, however, have backups; contact us if you feel you need those backups.)

Nonetheless, we realize that this will inconvenience some users, an unfortunate irony as Foxmarks' core value is about convenience.

Our first priority is getting affected users back on board. I'll be posting more about what happened and what steps we'll be taking to prevent future mishaps.