Thursday, November 16, 2006

Foxmarks 0.86 Released for Beta Testing

This evening we released a new version of Foxmarks that has contains what we hope will turn out to be valuable improvements.

  • The new version substantially revises the way that automatic sync works. It should now be less obtrusive, and stay out of your way when you're making a series of changes to your bookmarks.

  • There's a new option "Sync on Shutdown" that will prompt you when you shut down Firefox to sync changes you've made to your bookmarks. If it makes sense, we may also implement "Sync on Startup."

  • We continue to make progress on the performance side, the goal being to eliminate the hiccups experienced by users with large bookmark sets. We're getting closer, but a few improvements still remain.

  • We don't yet have localizations for the new bits for languages other than English, so non-English users will want to steer clear of this release until we can get the needed translations.

This is most definitely a beta release. If you decide to download it, please let us know how it goes, good or bad. Your feedback is invaluable to us. If you're not feeling lucky (or brave), please continue to use the officially released version.