Saturday, March 31, 2007

Problems with Norton Antivirus?

Starting yesterday, some users have told us that when Foxmarks tries to sync, Norton Antivirus complains that there is an Attempted Intrusion "HTTP Macromedia Long Filename BO" from your machine against our server. We're not experiencing any such intrusion attempt, and since we're not running Macromedia software on our server, we wouldn't be vulnerable to it anyway.
What we believe is happening is that some users have a pattern of information in their sync files that matches an overly general pattern in Norton's latest virus signature file. Every time Foxmarks tries to synchronize and write a sync file to our server, Norton sees the pattern and confuses it for a worm attack.

We waited in line for hours to chat with a customer service representative for Symantec, the makers of Norton antivirus software. As you might expect they weren't prepared to handle someone with a technical complaint about their software; nor were they very interested in hearing from someone who wasn't actually using their software themselves. But they did offer the following link which I now pass on to Norton users to report and (hopefully) resolve this problem:

Symantec Technical Support
Please let us know if you have any luck with this, and if we can help in some way, please let us know.

UPDATE: This problem has been resolved  by Symantec. Please see our latest post about it.