Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New! My Foxmarks: Manage your bookmarks on the web

Yesterday we quietly took the wraps off a brand-spanking new version of My Foxmarks. Where the old version was decidedly paltry, what's available now (in beta) is chock full of AJAX and JSON and other such nutritional ingredients, none of which matters to you in the least other than that you can now manage your bookmarks -- online, from any connected browser -- in a way that you could do previously only from your own computer.

You can add, delete, and modify bookmarks, folders and separators. You can use drag-n-drop to move things around. You can search your bookmarks in a way that we (in all humility) suggest is better than anything else out there. And there's a "grid" view that allows you to see all of your bookmarks in a flat list, sorted in any way you choose.

We're excited to be able offer a more full-flavored web presence, and we'll continue to push forward to add in more useful features, especially those that make more sense on the web than on the desktop. And since underneath the hood My Foxmarks is still Foxmarks all the way down, any changes that you make to your bookmarks on the web will sync back to your browser, keeping everything squared away. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Whipping up My Foxmarks in the Foxmarks development kitchen is Patrick Corcoran, who joined the company in April as Interface Director. Patrick is one of the rare breed who straddles the divide between User Experience expert and Software Development wizard. The look, feel, and operation of My Foxmarks are all Patrick's concoction. We're thrilled to have him on board.

We'd also be remiss if we failed to acknowledge Allan Bailey, who played sous chef to Patrick's Executive Chef on this project. Allan is another straddler, in his case between software development and operations. Allan's been on the team for about a year; he developed the server that we've been using for the past 8 months to synchronize your bookmarks. For the My Foxmarks launch, he developed the glue that allows My Foxmarks to talk to that server, while simultaneously managing the operational deployment of the new system. (Yes, we know that in the past we suggested that it was elves that keep our servers running. That was a slight misdirection: it is, in fact, Allan and the elves.)

We'll continue to introduce more members of the team as we go. In the meantime, let us know what you think of our latest; we hope you like it.


  1. And the features keep coming: now there's also a "Preview Window" that you can turn on to see your bookmarked websites within My Foxmarks.

  2. The new My Firemarks looks great! Congratulations on doing such a fantastic job on consistently making this better and better!

  3. Having just installed Bookmarks Synchroniser on 1 computer, I attempted to access with no success. Please advise

  4. This is just great!
    It's just much more than expected and if my hunch is right, there's more yet to come!

    Can i ask if the "keyword" box will make it's way next to the "description" field?

    Also, if i may suggest that the preview window be set to fit window and also that it's position be remembered when reopened?

    Many thanks to you all and warm welcome to Allan and Patrick and their feisty elves!


  5. @ Ron Plant:

    Please contact customer support for assistance.


  6. First off, great add-on. I've been using this for at least a year now and it has helped satisfy my need to feel organized no matter where I am: work, home, and now abroad.

    Secondly, @Ron Plant,

    I noticed that my user name had to have the correct punctuation to enter the site I.E.

    Ron555 instead of ron555

    Once i figured that out, it worked out ok, but I do think that the user name shouldn't be case sensitive.

    Also, I'm trying to find this "grid" view your talking about and I can't seem to find it. And I was wondering how the search function works. Does it search every word associated with a website (keywords, descriptions, url, name) or is it just one of those (like just the name or url). Anyways, great updates and thanks for continued support of this add-on. Later


  7. @Ian:

    Grid View is accessible by clicking on the "Grid View" tab located on the bottom, left corner of the interface.

    Search currently takes into consideration the bookmark title, description, URL, and the title of the folder it's in. Multiple words are taken to mean "and", not "or".


  8. @Daniel:

    Thanks for the kind words!

    The preview dialog is supposed to store its last used position and dimensions in a cookie on your browser. And it's supposed to restore state when you return to the web site.

    (If it's not working properly, I would be grateful if you could send me a note telling me which browser and operating system you are using, and whether or not you are allowing cookies for our domain. I'm patrick-at-foxmarks-dot-com.)

    I will add your request for a keyword field to our feature requests database. Thanks for the suggestion.


  9. First of all, I have to say that this is the best extension for Firefox I ever found. I'm using it for a couple months and I'm fully satisfied with it. You surelly did a grea job!
    But now, with this new MyFoxmarks... Man, I'm free!! Free from my desk, free from my computer, free from my collection of bookmarks I used to take everywhere on my pendrive!
    Thank you guys for making my online experience much more enjoyable, now that I don't have to search for the same things again and again and again, whenever I moved from home to work (or to anywhere)! Now I can even surf with I.E. and still have my bookmarks ready.

    Once again, thank you!

    Eduardo Moura, from Brazil (zero27)

  10. @Patrick,

    Foxmarks' preview does remember its' previous position!
    Don't know what i smoking that day.

    Thanks for posting and for a service that will hopefully be evermore appreciated as it brings bookmarking to a newer and better standard. At least IMO!


  11. I'm in trouble - I started with foxmarks and mistakenly deleted a folder of links I need. Is there anyway to revert to an earlier version and get that folder back? And is there a tech support site or FAQ?

  12. The new web interface looks neat and has some features which are very useful. Which means I'll probably be using the web interface more often.

    I am also in the process of writing a review about Foxmarks to publish on my website. I have been using Foxmarks for well over a year now to keep my bookmarks on 3 systems in sync, it's one of my must-have add-ons.

    Thanks for making it!

  13. Hy,
    great extension, i`m using it on 2(now 3) computers(winXP@work and linux@home).. and it works great.

    I have 3 feature requests, and i don`t see any mail adress, or link to submit this, so i`ll put them here.

    1: a "check bookmark" feature, where the browser(or your server) would automatically check for valid and invalid bookmarks(404`s or redirects...)

    2: a "create backup" feature, which would save a backup of the existing bookmarks on your server. And the user should be allowed to make 2-4 backups, the oldest could be automatically deleted... just in case the original bookmarks get screwed somehow and the foxmarks extension manages to do a sync...

    3: the possibility to make a bookmark or a folder non-syncronizable(maybe a keyword or something?) because i have some bookmarks at work which sould not be available when i get home, and i am forced to take my "home" bookmarks at work, and the bookmark menu get pretty big like this... i now belive that a "label" system would be better, so i can label a bookmark for "home" another one for "work"...and whatever, so the user can keep separate bookmarks depending on the place where he is in that moment, but being able to have the full list of bookmarks(the non-labeled ones) and being able to easily switch between them.

    Thanx for listenig:)
    Hope you keep up the good work.

  14. I would suggest that you need an "undo" action - it is far to easy to accidentally delete an item - a single book mark or a folder. Having undo allows users to play with some sense of security that they can always get back to a "good" state. I will include this article which makes a very similar point:

  15. Great work on this. I'm missing the bookmarklet though. I like being able to click a bookmark on my toolbar to add a page while i'm browsing away from my main computers. I found the old version page and used that one, but i would enjoy seeing that return in the new version, or at least an updated version of it.

  16. The first field is also required, and my very long message was cancelled because it's not mentioned !!! Please do something about that...

  17. Congratulations on an excellent add-on... this has proved to be very useful....
    Any intent of making a similar add-on for syncing feeds in thunderbird?

  18. @mankuzo:

    Are you referring to adding comments on this blog? The system does require you enter a name, and that's indicated by the * next to the field. And if you don't enter that field or your email address, the system complains but hitting the back-arrow on your browser returns you to the comment form with your comment intact.

    Are you referring to something else?

  19. @JD:

    No plans for Thiunderbird at present. The blog is where we announce such things, though, so it's the best way to keep an eye on developments.

  20. @pugnacious or anyone else who knows - where did you find the bookmarklet!!! I too need it badly - had it on old computer, now I want it for my new one...
    pls tell!