Friday, November 30, 2007

Foxmarks 2.0.32 Released

Earlier today, we released Foxmarks 2.0.32, an update that includes several important fixes and additions. If you are already a user of Foxmarks 2, we strongly recommend that you upgrade. If you are still using Foxmarks 1.0.1, you are welcome to upgrade, but please make sure you upgrade all of your computers -- the old version and the new do not interoperate.

This version is a candidate for our re-launch of Foxmarks 2 on the Mozilla Add-ons site. If you see any problems with this version, please let us know here or via


  1. Does it support firefox 3 ?

  2. @Ray: Not yet, no; we'll definitely explicitly spell it out when we release a Firefox 3-compatible version.

  3. I use my own webdav server, so I stayed with Foxmarks 1.0.1. Should I upgrade to 2.0.32? (Will it try to connect to your servers at all, even though I specify my own webdav url? It's only got the one password field, so I use that for my webdav access.)

  4. @David:

    Give it a shot. We can't promise that it will work with your WebDAV server, but this version does fix one problem that we heard about from WebDAV users.

    If you're using your own server, the extension never contacts our server.

  5. Hi,

    I just tried the installation assistant (german version) of 2.0.32 with a WebDAV server.

    It does not ask for the server URL, this must have been entered in the settings window before. But it uses this URL because my password is accepted and a wrong password is refused.

    Even if it accepts my password (message popup), the dialog does not proceed. There are two popus. The first says "status: ... successful" then it is immediately replaced by a warning popup that also says "... successful". A click on OK takes me back to the installation assistant dialog.

    Any hints?

  6. Hi!

    Why I don't receive a notifier that there is new version?

  7. I just installed Foxmarks 2.0.32. I use my own server running Lighttpd with the Webdav module. I have a lot of bookmarks in many folders/subfolders and Favicons. My current foxmarks.xml file is 245,917 bytes, and foxmarks.json file is 1,452,592 bytes.

    - Memory leak is fixed. The "StatusbarEx" extension shows memory size is pretty steady now.

    - Computer still pauses during Foxmark sync. This was reported by myself and others with version 2.0.31. According to foxmarks.log, syncing lasts about 12 seconds. I would guess-timate that the pausing is about half of that (so it's not the whole 12 seconds...just part of it). Version 2 appears to sync every 60 seconds, so you can image it's hard to even type this blog entry with my machine pausing every minute. In comparison, Foxmarks 1.0.1 takes about 4 seconds to sync, and has no pausing effect on my computer.

    Not so good (but may be a clue):
    - Log file grows 2.8 megs with each sync (about 630 lines). I see an awful lot of "inserting xxxxxx..." messages. I now normally have logging shut off as the log file will quickly grow as reported in my previous blog entry.

    Of course, I completely understand this is free software -- so thank you for creating this. I hope my comments help to make it better. I've reverted back to version 1.0.1 for now (which has become one of my most prized Firefox extensions). I'm looking forward to the next release of Foxmarks 2. Please feel free to contact me directly if you wish me to test anything.

    - Charlie -

  8. Thanks for the hardwork, foxmorks is one the first thing I installed with every firefox now.

    Anyway I've been receiving "NSI error .." & foxmark sync frooze on closing firefox, I dont know how to repoduce it as this bug doesnt always happen. I'm using latest (rv .
    probably conflict with my plugins. I'll update soon.

    again thanks for this nice addons. keep up the good work.

  9. Omg, I have been just plowing away at firefox's menu bar just trying figure out what the hell just happened; I'm glad I found this bit of information you guys have just provided us (couldn't you guys e-mail blitzed all of your faithful foxmark users as well?). How about you guys give me an alternative bookmark to fall back on incase this happens. I just got a new computer and I don't have the saved bookmark file on my computer (argh).

    Also, for some reason my firefox "bookmark" tab isn't anywhere apparent anymore. All I see is the side view option under the View menu tab and that isn't what I really want.

    Besides all of this crap, you guys are doing a great job! :)

  10. Gave it another try but still no syncing possible for me. Going back to v. 1.0.1. again.

    Has the issue with the Data Safety has been dealt with?

    I could not find anything about this in the release notes. It was very disturbing to have somebody elses Bookmarks included into mine.

    Get well soon, Foxmarks! I love you!

  11. @Niko:

    The Setup Wizard sets up an account on our server. If you're using your own server, enter settings directly in the Foxmarks Settings dialog.


    You'll receive notifications of a new version when we make the new version available on the Firefox Add-ons site, which we haven't done yet.


    The increase in file size is due, no doubt, to the inclusion of favicon data. When you're using your own server, Foxmarks has to download and parse the entire sync file, and the parser is one of the few bits that will block the UI thread and cause a perceptible delay. The delay is roughly proportional to the file size, so the performance estimates you provide sound about right.

    When talking with our server, Foxmarks exchanges only deltas, so this isn't an issue.

    The bit about syncing every 60 seconds is unexpected, though -- Foxmarks should never sync automatically more than once every 5 minutes, and typically only once an hour. Does sync appear to succeed? Does the "Last Sync" field update in the Foxmarks Settings dialog?


    If you can reproduce, please let us know.

    @Robert Kash, Jr.:

    I confess that I don't understand what you mean. If you need help, please contact support.


    As far as we know, everything on Foxmarks 2 is good now. If you're still having trouble, please contact support.

    Regarding Data Safety: that was caused by a server problem (now fixed) that impacted a small group of users. We emailed each of them directly. If you were affected but didn't receive email from us, please contact support.

  12. Hope Firefox3 support is coming soon. Foxmarks is indispensable for me, and I await the support before trying out the Firefox3 beta. :-)

  13. @Todd:

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, the sync does complete. I saw the following in the saved log from 5 days ago:

    [2007-12-01 14:30:43] Success: Synchronization completed.

    I've also confirmed that it does sync approx every 60 seconds, and it does update the "Last Sync" info on the Setting page.

    Of course, with the machine pausing every sync interval (even if it was 5 minutes), it makes it kind of bothersome. I know this is minimized to just about nill when your syncing with your server. Any plans to get it exchange just Deltas with home servers as well?

    - Charlie -

  14. @Maimon Mons

    ...I'm in the same situation. The single most important motive that I haven't switched to FF beta is simply because I'm waiting for Foxmarks to support it. I can live without every other extension... but not Foxmarks!

    Please guys, I am not trying to rush you, take all the time you need to make support to FF 3 flawless. I just wanted to say that, in my case, Foxmarks takes -HUGE- precedence over FF, not the other way around. Foxmarks rocks!


  15. Yay! It works with my WebDAV server again! Thank you!

  16. ###############
    Any plans to get it exchange just Deltas with home servers as well?

    Yes, I would very appreciate this feature for home servers. An option to disable the favicon (I really don't care about those) would be great, too.

    Thanks for your hard work!!

  17. I've tried to synchronize two test profile on two different pc.
    If I delete a bookmark in one, the second doesn't delete it.
    version 2.0.32 with FF

    What is the time between two synchronizations?

  18. @Charlie:

    On a DAV server that supports etags, Foxmarks will only download (and parse) the sync file from the server when the sync file has changed since it was last seen by the computer syncing. This should only happen when syncing for the first time on computer A after having synced changes on computer B.

    We haven't been able to replicate the sync-every-60-seconds problem that you've reported. Has anyone else seen this?


  19. @Simon:

    Disabling favicon sync is a real possibility and might well address your performance concerns. Syncing deltas (on your own server) is not likely, as there's no simple, reliable way to do it.


  20. I've recently installed Foxmarks, like 2 months ago, and I have to say that this is one of my Top 3 Extensions (I like the name Extensions better than Addons, hehe).

    I can never work without my Bookmarks, now I can always have access to them no matter where in the world I am.

    IMPRESSIVE Extension!

    Congratulations for this, and of course, THANK YOU!

  21. I just downloaded the new version, but when close Firefox get the message "failed to parse sync file". Haven't had any prior troubles with older versions. Thanks for the great add on!

  22. Foxmarks it's best!!!! I love it!

  23. 2 minutes ago when I logged on, I lost all my foxmarks/bookmarks and then I logged in to my account here on foxmarks and all of them are gone as well except for one....

    this is terrible...I lost a lot of important links, and time savers...what the heck is the problem with your program/site?


  24. Foxmarks 2 doesn't remember my password between sessions in ubuntu 7.04. Thought I'd let you know.

  25. @iain: That's a long-standing issue with Firefox in general; see this entry in our FAQ for more information.

  26. @tyronebcookin: This is likely due to your Firefox web browser not being shut down before the computer powered off--it's a known problem with the browser, wholly unrelated to the Foxmarks extension. See for more details on how to prevent bookmark loss (and recover from the Firefox-provided backups as necessary).

  27. The newer version of Foxmarks doesn't synch between my computers anymore. Furthermore, I've lost the "Foxmarks" annotation in my Bookmarks listing... I have to go to Organize Bookmarks to get any synching at all.\\

    is there any way I camn go back to the olsder version with Foxmarks in the Bookmarks listing?