Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Foxmarks 2.0.34 Released

The releases are coming fast and furious. The latest version of Foxmarks improves performance for people with large data sets, and, for people using their own server, fixes some bugs and adds some additional controls. Please give it a shot and let us know what you think.

The changes made for people using their own server, in particular, have not been thoroughly vetted; they work for us on our test servers but if they don't work for you with yours, let us know.


  1. 2.0.33 was giving me notifications of needing sync even if there was no change to be synced... 2.0.34 addresses this?

    Thanks alot!

  2. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you guys. I work full time in media. And alot of my work is mobile. Weather I'm working from home, my office, or my laptop... I don't have to worry about my bookmarks anymore. You see, alot of my work is research on the web and I use bookmarks constantly. This has been a huge help. Not to mention the few times I've had to reformat my drives and forgot to backup my bookmarks. Foxmarks has been a lifesaver.

    Thanks again.


  3. I installed 2.0.34 onto one of my computers. I am using my own Server running Lighttpd with its Webdav module. I have not disabled the Favicon sync option as yet.

    Getting better. Foxmarks now seems to sync every hour (not every minute like before). I came to realize that it's not the sync time that is most intrusive with my large bookmark file (foxmarks.json = 1,464,700 bytes), but rather the fact that it downloads the entire file each time to see if there were any changes.

    Also, one potentially scary thing that I see with this update is ability to turn off Favicon support on one computer, while potentially having this blow alway all the Favicons on the computer that have not turned the option off. I'd hate to hear that you guys get inundated with Emails on this.

    So with all this said, I put the following enhancement suggestions forth:

    1. Allow end user to change sync time. Default of 5 minutes would be nice, but some may choose 1 hour like I'm getting for bookmark files that don't have a lot of changes.

    2. Have an option to do a less agressive sync check. How about keying on the last modified date of the foxmarks.json file? That way, you wouldn't have to download the whole file. (If Webdav doesn't support this, perhaps a separate small "flag file" on the server to contain the date and other useful info?)

    3. If you don't have it, build in some protection to prevent someone from blowing away all their Favicons. Barring that, disable the ability all together. Scary.

    Like I keep saying each time, this is free software so I'm very thankful for your creating it. I'll keep using Foxmark 1.x for now. It's my BEST add-on.

    - Charlie -

  4. Just so you know, I watch for Charlie's replies before I try the release, because I generally have the same issues and concerns. There are probably others like me who haven't spoken up.

    We appreciate being able to sync to our own servers, and I know I'm willing to throw you an occasional bone for your business plan. Maybe a once a week or so scheduled anonymous upload of my bookmarks for your own indexing purposes?

  5. @Gustavo Parrini:

    This is the first we've heard of such a problem. If you can provide some details, that'd be appreciated.


    Thanks for the support! It's good to hear that Foxmarks is helpful to you.


    With a webdav server, Foxmarks uses etags so that it doesn't fetch the file if it hasn't changed. You may have to configure your server to enable etags, but if it's working correctly you'll fetch the file from the server only if it has been changed.


    Thanks for the offer, but we prefer to keep things clean. If you're using your own server, the Foxmarks client never talks to us, neither to transfer data nor to ping. I think that's what most users using their own server would expect and doing anything else would constitute a violation of trust.

  6. When is it going to work with FF 3?

  7. @David: If Foxmarks developed such obnoxious spyware, I'd have to stop using it.

    I was prompted to upgrade Foxmarks (from 1.0.1) and now synchronization is broken. It's stuck on "Verifying account". I'm using my own server. I'm seeing successful (well, 404) attempts to GET the new foxmarks.json file. I tried creating a 0 byte file with that filename, correct permissions, and now I see successful (code 200) GETs of that file but Foxmarks is still stuck on "Verifying account". Anyone have any thoughts? I know previous blog posts have had comments asking about this but they never got any answers.

    Does anyone have a download link for 1.0.1?


  8. I updated today my good old foxmark stuff to the new 2.0.34 version. But uhhh what is this....

    VERSION 2.0.34 can't sync a single bookmark.... Seems like it cannot really connect to the server. Uh 2 times i could connect, but than... timeout.... verrrrrrrry [nice] bullshit

  9. I was prompted to update a few days back adn did so.
    Now the 2.0.34 can't sync as it never can connect to the database.

    How can we fraggin regress to the old working 1.x I was happy with?

  10. I downloaded the latest version 2.** then it couldn't sync. Read the problem and followed the thing saying one of my bookmarks might be corrupted. Did all the steps to export/erase import etc. It still comes up with the same unable code?

    It worked very nicely last week before this latest upgrade.

    Is there a way to revert to last weeks versio, then simply keep it and do good synching?


  11. So, what's new/changed in 2.0.35?

  12. I recently upgraded to 2.0.34 and now I have a constant "Foxmarks is currently syncing" notifier.

    Also -- FYI -- for Mac, the "close" button is unavailable in the "settings" window (cmd-w does close it, however).

  13. December 21, 2007
    2.0.34 is not working right on my machine (10.2.8). When you hit update, it just sits there saying its working... it NEVER completes... This is not a server overload issue, it NEVER completes no matter what time of day or night you try it.

    The only way you know it never completes is when you update manually. If you run it auto, you never get any notification that anything happened at all... That raises another issue...

    It seems that applications should:

    1) indicate when they are in the process of doing their thing
    2) Notify when they have finished doing their thing.
    3) And of course they should be able to do their thing in the first place.

    I would say that something is ahoo with version 2.0.34. Perhaps some burnt offerings :)

    Best wishes

  14. PLEASE, ver. 2.0.31 back on the site until 2.0.34 becomes stable! I've been getting the "Foxmarks is currently syncing" message and "The server is currently unavailable. Please try again later" messages all this week.

  15. I like the idea of using your own server to sync but there seems to be no way of specifying directories like the older version. You get a URL field but nothing additional to specify additional the old version did. Hope that changes soon. I don't like having my bookmarks or any of my other data floating on an unknown system.

  16. @Bill:

    You can set the url field to any path on your server, like so:

  17. I like the idea of running my own server, but you don't support questions about that, and there is some secret syntax that nobody discusses on the net regarding downloading bookmarks from IIS on a home network. I've looked at the logs to see what is failing and have discovered that another thing nobody bothers to talk about involves the use of a username in the URL, but how to get the bookmarks downloaded is apparently an arcane secret. I've uploaded the set from the computer that is home to the server, and I can see that the file exists from another computer on the network, but FoxMarks will NOT download them.
    Very frustrating,