Friday, January 11, 2008

Foxmarks 2.0.39 Released to AMO

We just released the latest version of Foxmarks, version 2.0.39, to the Mozilla Add-ons site (AMO). For the next two hours, we're going to let a sizable group download it, and then pull it back (reverting AMO to 2.0.34, the previous version). This will allow us to determine if there are any problems with this latest version. If no problems emerge (and we're certainly not expecting any), we will re-release the extension for good. This is a new process for us, but our recent experience has taught us to be more cautious than we have been in the past.

As before, if you see what seems like a new problem with this version, please let us know here. If you're having an ongoing problem and require assistance, please contact support -- for a variety of reasons, we can't answer specific questions or provide specific help here on the blog.