Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Foxmarks for Firefox 3 Beta Test: The Final Frontier

Beta testing for the Firefox 3-compatible version of Foxmarks continues to go extremely well. Last week, we sent email to all testers asking them to tell us about any problems they'd seen. We got lots of responses -- many telling us that they'd seen no problems at all. Whoo hoo!

We did learn of a few new issues, though, and have implemented fixes for those things. Yesterday, in fit of confidence we admitted into the beta test the entire remaining queue of people who had registered. (If you registered before yesterday and didn't receive an invitation, it's probably because your spam filter ate the email we sent. Head over to the beta site and you should find that you've been admitted.)

So things are looking quite good. There are, however, still a number of items that we'd like to take care of before we throw open the doors completely and call this a finished product.

  • Firefox crash: Some users have seen both intermittent and consistent crashing of Firefox during synchronization, especially initial synchronization. We believe this is caused by a bug in Firefox, and the developers at Mozilla are now investigating. If you experience this crash, please be sure to allow Firefox to submit a crash report to Mozilla.

  • Favicons getting swapped: A few users have reported seeing the wrong favicon associated with some of their bookmarks. This too seems to be a Firefox bug.

  • Cosmetic problems: There are a collection of cosmetic problems with the layout of the Settings dialog on various platforms and in certain localizations. We'll be working on these soon.

  • Unfiled Bookmarks folder: The Firefox 3 "Unfiled Bookmarks" folder is sometimes erroneously duplicated within users' bookmark sets. This, too, is something that we're looking at.

If you experience a problem that is not on this list and haven't already told us about it, please first make sure that you're running the latest version of the beta extension (currently as of this writing but being updated frequently). If the problem persists on the current version of the extension, please drop us a line to let us know about it.