Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Foxmarks for Firefox 3 Beta Test Continues

As announced previously, Foxmarks for Firefox 3 is currently in beta test. Over the past week, we have admitted the first 40% of users who have volunteered to test.

Testing has revealed a handful of minor bugs in Foxmarks itself; we've been rolling out fixes as the bug reports come in. We've seen (and users have reported seeing) Firefox crash while Foxmarks is running, but each successive beta (starting with Firefox beta 2) has shown improvements in this area. There hasn't been a single report of Foxmarks crashing Firefox beta 4 yet; that version was only released yesterday, but we've been impressed by how the quality of Firefox keeps marching forward with each release. Beta 4 may well be stable enough for general use with Foxmarks. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

There are also reports of occasional performance problems -- sometimes sync under Firefox 3 is really fast, and sometimes it's quite slow. Surprisingly, this variability occurs on the same computer with the same bookmarks within the same session. We're not sure what might account for the difference yet, but we're looking into it.

Overall, testing has gone quite smoothly. As long as we can keep up with the rate at which bugs are reported, we'll continue to allow more people in to check it out. If you're interested in participating, you can sign up here. Note that you'll need a Foxmarks account to register.

P.S. Thanks to the many users who have taken the time to test! Your efforts to find and report bugs make a real difference, and we appreciate it. Oh, how we do.