Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Share your bookmarks

We're delighted to announce the ability to share your bookmarks online. You can share a folder of bookmarks as a web page, an RSS feed, or even a widget that you can drop into your web site or blog.

You can share as many folders as you like; as you update your bookmarks and synchronize, your shared content is automatically updated as well. None of your folders are shared by default—only folders that you've designated will be shared.

To share the bookmarks in a folder, log in at, select the folder, then click on the "Sharing" button in the toolbar (see the big yellow arrow below). In the dialog that appears, select the "Share this folder" button, and you're ready to go!


Think of all the great things you can start sharing with your friends and family: your favorite blogs, places that you'd like to go on vacation, or, like us, a sampling of our favorite comic strips.

We love hearing your feedback. If you have a specific problem or suggestion, please write to our support team; otherwise leave us a comment below.