Monday, April 28, 2008

Foxmarks 1.0.1 Retirement: Sync Disabled

Almost all of you have upgraded to version 2 since we announced our plans to end support for the Foxmarks version 1.0.1 extension a few weeks ago. Thanks!

For those of you who haven't upgraded yet, please do so as soon as possible. Starting today, we will stop accepting requests from Foxmarks 1.0.1, and will instead show you a reminder notice every time it attempts to sync. If you wish to continue synchronizing your bookmarks, you will have to upgrade.

Switching to Foxmarks version 2 should be painless:

We are dedicated to making sure that your switch to Foxmarks version 2 is smooth, and encourage you to contact us with any problems, suggestions, or comments you might have.

We will end support for the Foxmarks version 1.0.1 extension on May 15th. After that, only users who use Foxmarks 1.0.1 with their own servers may continue to do so without interruption.