Thursday, April 3, 2008

Retiring Foxmarks Version 1

We will end support for the Foxmarks version 1.0.1 extension as of Thursday, May 15th. Starting Monday, April 7th, version 1.0.1 (and earlier) will periodically remind you to upgrade if you're using the Foxmarks server. Anyone using 1.0.1 with their own server may continue to do so without interruption.

Those of you who've been with us several months know that when we launched Foxmarks version 2 three months ago, we ran into a host of operational issues. It was a painful experience for our users, and we learned a lot from all of you about how to better move forward. Because of the initially difficult transition to version 2, we've held off on retiring version 1.0.1 until we're completely confident that version 2 was rock solid.

We're happy to say that Foxmarks version 2 has been running smoothly since mid-January. More Foxmarks users are synchronizing now with version 2 than ever did with version 1.0.1, and are reaping the benefits of the transition: faster, more efficient synchronization, superior favicon support, upcoming Firefox 3 support, bookmarks sharing, and much, much more.

Switching to Foxmarks version 2 should be painless:

We want this switch to go smoothly for anyone still using version 1.0.1, and encourage you to contact us with any problems, suggestions, or comments you might have.

We appreciate your help in upgrading to Foxmarks version 2--we're committed to making the upgrade go as smoothly as possible for everyone, so let us help in any way we can! Retiring our old software allows us to focus on making Foxmarks version 2 the quickest, most efficient, and most lovable bookmarks synchronizer available for Firefox. We think you'll love the things we have in store for you.