Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Restore Backups of your Bookmarks

Foxmarks saves your bookmarks on our server everytime you sync. This makes Foxmarks a great way to back up your bookmarks in case your computer dies (as some of you already know).

But sometimes that's not enough - you might want to go back in time, and see past versions of your bookmarks. We're delighted to announce that you can now explore your backup history, and even restore from a past version!

Log in to My Foxmarks and click on the "Tools" menu to find this feature. Once selected, you'll be presented with a list of every past backup that we have on record. For now, we store your entire backup history, but we may restrict it to a fixed time period sometime in the future (e.g. the last six months).

Select a backup that you're interested in, and you can either view its contents, export it to an HTML file that you download, or restore your bookmarks to that former state. You can use these features to undo mistakes that you make when managing your bookmarks, or to recover deleted bookmarks that you later realize you need.

We know how important bookmarks are to you and are excited to provide a complete backup and restore solution that you can rely on. If you have friends who cherish their bookmarks but don't need sync, send them our way. We'll make sure their data is safe and sound.


  1. This is excellent news!
    Especially for dummies like me who don't make backups on a regular basis.

    Thank you!


  2. I used to maintain my backup on my own server, because I've long used multiple profiles. (I'm the one who submitted the Python script at the bottom of your FAQ's discussion page. http://wiki.foxmarks.com/wiki/Talk:Foxmarks:_Frequently_Asked_Questions )

    Now that you support multiple profiles (in beta) and a history of bookmarks, you're about to convince me to use your server.

    Congratulations! It's very hard to bring someone like me around to trusting my content on somebody else's servers. You've really turned your service into something special.

  3. how do i transfer my firefox bookmark from one computer to another

  4. @dani: You can synchronize your bookmarks across multiple computers using the Foxmarks extension; if that doesn't work for some reason, Mozilla also provides some instructions on how to export your bookmarks to a file:


    ...and how to re-import that data into Firefox (on another computer, for example):


  5. Thank you!

    I installed Foxmarks after a messy system crash back in April. I lost all my bookmarks (as well as other files) and was looking for a way to back them up.

    I found Foxmarks, but I don't have multiple computers, so at first I passed it. After trying other things, I decided to go with Foxmarks, and I am very happy. After another system crash (not as messy), I lost not one bookmark.

    Thank, you Foxmarks!

  6. Great experience with foxmarks...congratulations. I dont see an option to export foxmarks database to email account (send mail with time schedule option and not only to html file), i think to be usefull this feature (suggestion).

    "All redundancy with data is few"


  7. OMSG!
    You just saved my butt with this feature.

    Thank you so much for continuing to improve Foxmarks.

  8. Hi everybody at foxmarks labs, :-)

    first of all, thanks for your beautiful tool. Thanks a lot, that is!

    Now, I came across a question I'd like to share: At present, it's not possible to delete any of the old bookmark backup sets. Are you planning on adding such a feature, making it possible to not have to search through (maybe even literally, if on auto-save) thousands of sets to find the one the user would consider exporting or restoring?

    Or, to put it shorter: Will it be possible to delete bookmark backups in the future?

    Thanks in advance and have a nice time,

  9. Does anyone know why ALL my bookmarks suddenly disappeared both from the browser AND foxmarks server?????????

    I was so upset and then thank heavans for this solution - my bookmarks are such a precious entity.

  10. @Alex des Fprges: Bookmark disappearance is common in Firefox due to a variety of environmental issues, even without Foxmarks installed. If the loss is synchronized to the Foxmarks server, it can cause the server version to also miss out, thus why we provide the restore feature. Great to hear that it worked out for you!

  11. Foxmarks gets removed from my browser everytime I open firefox. I download it again from the server, but it will not keep the bookmarks on my computer. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

  12. That's simply fantastic! So, Foxmarks server works like source control software!