Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Restore Backups of your Bookmarks

Foxmarks saves your bookmarks on our server everytime you sync. This makes Foxmarks a great way to back up your bookmarks in case your computer dies (as some of you already know).

But sometimes that's not enough - you might want to go back in time, and see past versions of your bookmarks. We're delighted to announce that you can now explore your backup history, and even restore from a past version!

Log in to My Foxmarks and click on the "Tools" menu to find this feature. Once selected, you'll be presented with a list of every past backup that we have on record. For now, we store your entire backup history, but we may restrict it to a fixed time period sometime in the future (e.g. the last six months).

Select a backup that you're interested in, and you can either view its contents, export it to an HTML file that you download, or restore your bookmarks to that former state. You can use these features to undo mistakes that you make when managing your bookmarks, or to recover deleted bookmarks that you later realize you need.

We know how important bookmarks are to you and are excited to provide a complete backup and restore solution that you can rely on. If you have friends who cherish their bookmarks but don't need sync, send them our way. We'll make sure their data is safe and sound.