Monday, July 7, 2008

Keep Your Private Bookmarks at Home with Sync Profiles

We just released a brand new Foxmarks client that gives you full control over which bookmarks are synced to which computers! You can now:

  • Keep your private bookmarks at home, but sync everything else with your work computer.

  • Set up a different bookmark toolbar at home and at work, but sync everything else as you normally would.

  • Create a shortlist of bookmarks for when you access My Foxmarks from your mobile phone.

The feature works by allowing you to group your bookmarks into different Sync Profiles. You can name each Sync Profile whatever you like and pick which bookmarks belong to it. For example, in the screenshot below, I created a profile called "Office" and added work stuff to it like "Company Intranet", but removed other personal bookmarks like "Cooking Recipes".

Once your Sync Profiles are setup, you simply need to assign them to each of your computers. Multiple computers can have the same Sync Profile, for instance, all your computers at home could be set to sync with your "Home" profile. If you don't assign a Sync Profile to a computer, it will sync all bookmarks as before.

To get started with Sync Profiles, head over to My Foxmarks and click on "Tools -> Sync Profiles". Create new Sync Profiles and select which bookmarks should belong to them. Once you've done that, open up the settings dialog in your web browser and click on the "Profiles" tab. Select a Sync Profile to assign to that browser and you're done! Remember, you'll need to be running the latest Foxmarks client (v2.1.0.12 or greater) to be able to use this feature.

We'd like to thank all the beta testers who've helped us test and improve this feature over the past several weeks. We first announced the Sync Profiles Beta nearly two months ago and we couldn't have released this feature without your help!