Thursday, September 4, 2008

Synchronize Your Passwords! (BETA)

We are excited to announce the beta launch of Foxmarks' latest feature: Password Synchronization! With this feature enabled, Foxmarks will synchronize your passwords between your computers just as it does today with bookmarks. Now, you can save a password at work, and not have to worry about remembering it when you get home!

We know how sensitive passwords are, so we built this feature with security in mind from the very beginning. In order to synchronize your passwords, Foxmarks will ask you choose a secret PIN that is different from your password. This PIN will be used to encrypt your passwords before synchronization so that your passwords are secured even before they leave your computer. Only you and your computer will have knowledge of this PIN, so nobody but you will be able to decrypt and access your passwords - not even Foxmarks!

What's more, while we know that many of you want to synchronize passwords (we've been listening!), we also know that some of you may not want to use this feature. That's why Password Synchronization is completely optional and is turned off by default. If you leave it disabled, Foxmarks will simply ignore your passwords.

Password Synchronization is currently a beta feature—though we've done our best to make sure it's foolproof, it may still contain a few kinks. We would love for those of you who are interested to give it a try and let us know what you think. The download page below contains instructions on how to backup your passwords and bookmarks just in case and how to send us your feedback.

Once you download the beta, open the Foxmarks Settings dialog (located in Tools > Foxmarks > Settings...), click on the "Types" tab and select the checkbox labeled "Passwords". Thanks for giving it a spin!

Tell us what you think about this feature on GetSatisfaction.