Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Foxmarks v2.5 Has Arrived: Sync Your Passwords and More!

You asked and we listened. Over the past year, we've received many requests to sync passwords, especially after Google Browser Sync went offline and recommended Foxmarks. Today, we are are pleased to announce that Foxmarks can do exactly that. This release also includes dozens of other product improvements to make Foxmarks better.

Securely Sync Your Passwords

You can now sync your passwords across your computers. Password sync is 100% optional and is turned off by default. Your passwords are secured by encrypting them before they leave your computer with a PIN that only you know. You can also assign your passwords to sync profiles to keep your personal passwords at home, and your work passwords at the office. Read our original post or view our feature description to learn more about password sync.

To encrypt your passwords, Foxmarks uses the current state of the art AES 256-bit encryption algorithm. AES is a United States government standard and is recommended by National Security Adminstration (NSA) for encrypting classified information. See the AES Wikipedia entry for more details.

AES works by taking data that needs to be encrypted along with a secret PIN of your choosing, and then produces an encrypted result. It is strong enough to virtually guarantee that your encrypted data cannot be decrypted by a third-party, not even Foxmarks. The biggest point of weakness is in the strength of the secret PIN that you choose. Foxmarks recommends that you choose a PIN that is difficult to guess and contains a variety of different characters and numbers.

Other Improvements

Version 2.5 also includes several usability, stability and security enhancements. We've made the sync progress dialog (above) much simpler, added status info to the settings dialog (below), and in general made Foxmarks more robust and easy to use.

View status in the settings dialog

Toggle password sync (it's off by default)

To get this release either wait for the upgrade notice from Firefox, or: