Friday, October 17, 2008

Foxmarks v2.5.3: Hiccups Resolved!

We just launched Foxmarks v2.5.3 on the official Mozilla Add-ons site to resolve two issues in the last release that affected some of you. We normally keep our updates to the Add-ons site to a minimum, but we felt that this release was necessary to ensure that no more people experience these problems.

  • Firefox Crashes: Some of you, particularly those running 64-bit Linux, experienced Firefox crashes after installing Foxmarks v2.5.0. After some investigation, we discovered that the root cause was a bug in how Firefox parses non-standard values for HTTP authentication headers. We notified the folks at Mozilla about the issue and they've raised it to a "critical" bug and already have a patch that should be available in future Firefox versions. See the Mozilla bug here. This version of Foxmarks includes a workaround for this issue. (Discuss)

  • Foxmarks Hangs on Setup: Some of you found that Foxmarks froze when setting it up on a second computer. After being unable to reproduce it for the first two days, we finally had a breakthrough last night and put a fix out this morning. (Discuss)

Oct 22: Fix for those using their own FTP servers available
Some users who use their own FTP servers have also told us that after enabling Password Sync, Foxmarks keeps on popping up a dialog box asking them how to merge their bookmarks. We have a fix available, but it won't be pushed out to the Official Add-ons site for another couple of weeks. Till then, you can download v2.5.4 from our site to fix this issue. (Discuss)

Still working on customized toolbar issue
A few of you have mentioned that Foxmarks causes your customized toolbars to lose their configuration. We haven't been able to reproduce the problem yet, but we have added some code to this release that may resolve the problem. (Discuss)

We'd like to thank all of the users who patiently helped us investigate these bugs and test our fixes. You guys rock!


  1. I use my own server for syncing bookmarks. I recently have upgraded to the latest foxmark. Now I keep getting this error: "Failed to parse server response". Since then I downgraded to but alas, the same. I wanna have my foxmarks get back to normal. Help me out please!

  2. Right after I clicked on "Submit Comment", I had an idea. I deleted the json file in my server, then from within foxmarks, I clicked on upload (instead of the usual syncronize now button). Voila! It works again. Just in case anybody else have the same problem.

  3. the new one is really annoying!

  4. Why does Foxmarks constantly ask me for my password? There is a "save password" box but it does not seem to work. It is annoying enough that if it does not stop, I will be un-installing it.

  5. @jimbale: Is it Foxmarks asking for your password/PIN, or is it Firefox asking for your master password? Try each, if you have them all enabled, just in case. I find the dialogs are similar and sometimes confuse me when I'm asked.

  6. I can't use firefox at all any more. I even tried to install a 2... version. Nothing helps.
    Please advice

  7. @Antoonvdr : Why not run Portable Firefox from a standard folder? Thats what I do, and it works just fine. Also, remember, portable apps typically have the caching that makes things run faster turned off.

  8. Man oh Man, have there been enough updates lately? It seems whenever I turn on a PC FM seems to be updating. From Portable FF, to the laptop, desktop and school machine.

    I am waiting for the faucet to get turned off. FF and FM work great for me, without problem.....

  9. i like the product, but i want MORE!!! To be specific, support for synching


    these are things i copy around with shell scripts now, crude but usable....

  10. why the new foxmarks always asking password everytime i login thru https?.. i already click "never remember pass for this site"

  11. Since installing 2.5.3, I have one computer that keeps losing info about random bookmarks. These bookmarks lose their associated favicon, and when selecting properties - absolutely nothing is displayed (just a blank title bar). I've tried rerunning the Setup Wizard and redownloading my bookmarks from the server and overwriting the local file, but it appears that the problem may be happening on the server side since this never works (or the corrupted bookmarks on the local machine are getting synced with the server before I can fix them). Instead, I have to run the Setup Wizard from another computer that isn't messed up and overwrite the bookmarks on the server, then go back to the computer with the random blank bookmarks and run the Setup Wizard again and overwrite the local bookmarks. Then all is OK until some random point in the future, when I have to do it all over again. Frustrating to be sure.

  12. I downloaded the new update.. this still hasn't resolved my syncing issues. Luckily I only upgraded my one computer so it hasn't affected anything at home? Are you still aware of these issues?

  13. Foxmarks 2.5.3 synchronizes with everyone closes of Firefox. Even if one did not change.

  14. last week i experienced some problems in my gentoo machine using firefox 2 and foxmarks 2.5.x - I've found two solutions;
    1. Downgrade to the 2.1.x version
    2. unmask some ebuilds to install the new firefox 3.0.3 and then the foxmarks 2.5.x works well !!

  15. AAAAAAhhhhh, anybody know how to get foxmarks back. My computer finally updated but I am missing a ton of them... the last true sync was Oct 15/08 and I know that I saw all my foxmarks yesterday online. Can anybody help me!!!!!!!

  16. I'm getting lots of synchronisation errors. At first it was error 12263, but now it just says error. The log shows me "Error is (new Number(2))
    [2008-10-23 21:33:24] Synchronization failed. Error is (new Number(2))
    [2008-10-23 21:33:24] Returned error: Synchronization error(4)
    " Any ideas?

  17. I'm getting a whole lot of errors too. Foxmarks seems to sync indefinitely, and when I run setup, I get something along the lines of "Foxmarks is busy".

  18. For me Foxmark runs perfectly for a while, I very much appreciate your hard work and your creative talents. I have a suggestion on a new feature of Foxmark.

    Recently, there are so many "highlighter" or "marker" add-ons for Firefox. However, all lack the function of "syncing" with other firefoxes. I guess that this would be a great functionality.



  19. I always used it without problems. But since the latest release it seems to block javascript functions e.g. signin and other if it's activatetd.

  20. Hi Guys,

    I had to post here because I can't seem to find the place to make a feature request for Foxmarks! Where is it ? Thanks a bunch.

  21. Unfortunately the sync for the password don't finish the synchronization the only message is:
    synchronization error:
    there is an unknown error
    Sorry for any error I'm Italian

    Please is very important to synchronize the password

  22. Thanks Nobu, I did what you told me to and found that the feature I was looking for / would have requested (the possibility to access a previous set of my bookmarks) was there all along: actually hidden in Tools / Restore

    Still I think that the way to access it is awfully unintuitive. First I knew that there was this restoration tool but I figured it would only undo what has been done in the current sync session, or at most the previous one. I had no idea that all my sync sessions were logged and the basis for restore point.

    What would be more convenient and I think more user-friendly is to directly show the restore points under a collective folder ("Restore points" or something along the line). And each restore point would show up as a folder per se whose name would be the date (and maybe time) of the syncing process. As showed on that image:
    Although as you can see I haven't yet created the collective folder for all restore points. And having Foxmarks to show my restore points like that was REALLY a pain in the ass!!!

    Well anyway, should I submit that suggestion to Or can you get the message through to Foxmarkers? ;-)

    Just my 2 cents...

  23. @Bruno: I think it would be a good idea to submit it, so others can add their 2 cents as well, and it would be easier to track.

    As far as getting the message to those at Foxmarks, alas, I am technically an outsider(I don't work there, or even live in the area); I just try to help out here and there. I'm sure someone will see the conversation eventually though, and probably sooner if you post it there. ;)

  24. Please update your extension so as to show that it is compatible with Fx3.1b2pre because as fas as i tested it is fully compatible. The only thing that annoys me is the red background beneath its title in AioS.

  25. I've used Foxmarks on my machines, great product!

    Most recently, I put together a OSX86 machine (AKA Hackintosh) and foxmarks doesn't seem to work. I was wondering why this would be? I install the add-in and when I click "run setup wizard" it does nothing. Further, when I click the link to "I Forgot my Username or password" it directs me to which then gives me a 404.

    Is this just the fact it's a wacky hackintosh setup?

    Great work again!

  26. One thing I think that needs to be fixed is the repeated asking of my password when I open my browser. It's a real pain in the butt. I don't add bookmarks on a daily basis. There is no need for me to have to sign in to foxmarks every time I open my browser. It would be nice if I was able to sign in only when I think I need too.

  27. Since updating to the newest version of foxmarks, foxmarks no longer works. Despite running foxmarks practically every day from my work computer, it hasn't updated since Oct 27th (it works fine on my home computer). Any advise on how to get it working again?

  28. Same here, foxmarks not working since 2.5 (all versions i tried)

    Not syncing to custom server:
    Heres the log:
    [2008-11-11 15:22:28] ------ Foxmarks/2.5.3 (/Places) starting sync with https://server/webspace/folder ------
    [2008-11-11 15:22:28] Entered status...
    [2008-11-11 15:22:28] >>> GET https://email@adress@server/webspace/folder
    [2008-11-11 15:22:56] Warning: removeObserver failed.

    I would really like to use foxmarks again. Great extension (when it works)

  29. Foxmarks 2.5.3 is not compatible with Firefox 3.0.4 (according to add-ons panel in Firefox). ETA on a fix for this?

  30. Haven't been able to sync for days and days still. Is a fix coming? I am using 2.5.3. Thanks

  31. why can't i export my passwords too?