Friday, October 17, 2008

Foxmarks v2.5.3: Hiccups Resolved!

We just launched Foxmarks v2.5.3 on the official Mozilla Add-ons site to resolve two issues in the last release that affected some of you. We normally keep our updates to the Add-ons site to a minimum, but we felt that this release was necessary to ensure that no more people experience these problems.

  • Firefox Crashes: Some of you, particularly those running 64-bit Linux, experienced Firefox crashes after installing Foxmarks v2.5.0. After some investigation, we discovered that the root cause was a bug in how Firefox parses non-standard values for HTTP authentication headers. We notified the folks at Mozilla about the issue and they've raised it to a "critical" bug and already have a patch that should be available in future Firefox versions. See the Mozilla bug here. This version of Foxmarks includes a workaround for this issue. (Discuss)

  • Foxmarks Hangs on Setup: Some of you found that Foxmarks froze when setting it up on a second computer. After being unable to reproduce it for the first two days, we finally had a breakthrough last night and put a fix out this morning. (Discuss)

Oct 22: Fix for those using their own FTP servers available
Some users who use their own FTP servers have also told us that after enabling Password Sync, Foxmarks keeps on popping up a dialog box asking them how to merge their bookmarks. We have a fix available, but it won't be pushed out to the Official Add-ons site for another couple of weeks. Till then, you can download v2.5.4 from our site to fix this issue. (Discuss)

Still working on customized toolbar issue
A few of you have mentioned that Foxmarks causes your customized toolbars to lose their configuration. We haven't been able to reproduce the problem yet, but we have added some code to this release that may resolve the problem. (Discuss)

We'd like to thank all of the users who patiently helped us investigate these bugs and test our fixes. You guys rock!