Friday, November 21, 2008

Foxmarks v2.6.0 Released

We just pushed a new version of Foxmarks to the Mozilla Add-ons website. v2.6.0 is a maintenance release and contains several bug fixes including: better support for users behind proxies, a working flow for resolving conflicts, and safeguards to prevent interoperability issues between Foxmarks and other add-ons (view the complete release notes).

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Get Foxmarks Beta for Internet Explorer

The Foxmarks add-on for Internet Explorer is no longer in Alpha. Today, we are delighted to announce the availability of a much improved Beta version of Foxmarks for IE. We promoted this add-on from Alpha to Beta because of the significant improvements in stability and performance in this release.

Thousands of you have been running the Alpha release for the past several months, and we couldn't have gotten this far without your extraordinary help. Thank you. We encourage you to upgrade to the Beta as soon as possible to take advantage of all the improvements from your feedback. Let us know how it goes!

What's new in this latest version:

  • Compatible with IE 8
    We've made sure that Foxmarks for IE works on the latest and greatest IE 8 Beta 2. It also works on IE 6 and 7 so that you have maximum flexibility.

  • Works with Vista UAC
    Foxmarks can now correctly manage the order of your bookmarks even if you have User Account Control (UAC) enabled in Vista.

  • Syncs without having to run IE
    We redesigned Foxmarks to run as an entirely separate application from IE. This is great if you want your favorites synced for a purpose other than accessing them in IE (e.g. load them onto a phone).

  • Displays status in the systray
    We've added an icon to your systray to display sync status and to give you quick access to Foxmarks features. If your systray is already quite full, you can simply turn this feature off.

  • Improved stability and speed
    Thanks to your diligent reporting we've discovered and fixed dozens of bugs and memory leaks. We've also made this version of Foxmarks run significantly faster than the Alpha version.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Introducing James, our new CEO

Hi Everyone,

I'm thrilled to join the dedicated team that brings you the exceptional Foxmarks add-on. I’ve spent my entire career in technology, much of it focused on making the Web more personal.

After working at Apple Computer for six years I co-founded, an innovative online calendar and events service bought by AOL in 1999. I was also the CEO of Ofoto from its early beginnings through its acquisition by Kodak. I’ve long admired Foxmarks founder Mitch Kapor and his entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit. It’s an honor to take the torch from him as he moves from CEO to Chairman.

Foxmarks has lots of exciting things cooking and I'm excited to lead the company as we develop and unveil these new products. Today I’m blogging to you from Mozilla’s Fashion your Firefox launch in NYC. We've always had a great relationship with Firefox and are delighted that they invited us to be a part of this product launch. Visit the Fashion Your Firefox website to learn all about it.

Stay tuned for a few new things coming your way before the Thanksgiving break, and as always we hope to hear your suggestions and feedback.

James Joaquin
CEO, Foxmarks Inc.

Read the press release about James coming on board.

Friday, November 7, 2008 Picks Foxmarks as Top Password Add-on

Mashable, one of the leading Web 2.0 news sites, just did a roundup of the top 16 tools for managing passwords and placed Foxmarks at the very top of their list! We’re thrilled to see great sites like Mashable recommend our new password sync feature.

A growing number of our bookmark sync users have started using Foxmarks to sync their passwords too. Have you tried it yet? If not, give it a try and let us know what you think.

Mashable lo