Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Get Foxmarks Beta for Internet Explorer

The Foxmarks add-on for Internet Explorer is no longer in Alpha. Today, we are delighted to announce the availability of a much improved Beta version of Foxmarks for IE. We promoted this add-on from Alpha to Beta because of the significant improvements in stability and performance in this release.

Thousands of you have been running the Alpha release for the past several months, and we couldn't have gotten this far without your extraordinary help. Thank you. We encourage you to upgrade to the Beta as soon as possible to take advantage of all the improvements from your feedback. Let us know how it goes!

What's new in this latest version:

  • Compatible with IE 8
    We've made sure that Foxmarks for IE works on the latest and greatest IE 8 Beta 2. It also works on IE 6 and 7 so that you have maximum flexibility.

  • Works with Vista UAC
    Foxmarks can now correctly manage the order of your bookmarks even if you have User Account Control (UAC) enabled in Vista.

  • Syncs without having to run IE
    We redesigned Foxmarks to run as an entirely separate application from IE. This is great if you want your favorites synced for a purpose other than accessing them in IE (e.g. load them onto a phone).

  • Displays status in the systray
    We've added an icon to your systray to display sync status and to give you quick access to Foxmarks features. If your systray is already quite full, you can simply turn this feature off.

  • Improved stability and speed
    Thanks to your diligent reporting we've discovered and fixed dozens of bugs and memory leaks. We've also made this version of Foxmarks run significantly faster than the Alpha version.


  1. Now all we need is a plug in for Chrome (I know, its not extensible just yet but whenever it is) and Foxmarks would totally rock!

  2. Great job, and what are you going to do now? Please don't say chrome client :-) I would rather see tab/windows sync ;-)

  3. The Firefox version lets you sync with your own computer rather than Will the IE version get this capability? If so, when? If not, why not?

  4. This is a very good, very stable beta release! I'm surprised this hasn't hit the new sites. It's big news if I can sync my bookmarks across different browsers!

    For example, I use Firefox for general web development, Chrome for personal stuff (news sites, webmail etc), and IE for some of our legacy applications that use ActiveX, so being able to sync across a few of these is great!

  5. So far only a few hiccups... When doing a 'Forced overwrite of Local Favotites.' from the 'Advanced' button of the systray tool, the resulting Dialog asks.. "Overwrite local Bookmarks with remote set?" It should say 'local Favorites' instead.

    Automatic sync with Favorites results in a sync error being shown... I assume that is the re-order bug?

    I also seem to have lost all of my Firefox Bookmark favicons during the last sync session.


  6. I used faoxmarks in firefox for quite some time and had never given me problems. The beta for IE eliminated about 600 of my bookmarks, fortunately foxmarks in firefox warned me that there was a big difference between my bookmarks. I recognize, is a beta. wait for the final version.

  7. @Mike: We don't have plans to add own server capability to IE at the moment but may consider adding it down the road.

  8. @Pete: Auto-sync is causing an error but manually clicking the "Synchronize Now" button doesn't? I'd love to see your log file, would you mind emailing it to

    Also, I'm surprised to hear that you lost your favicon data. Did you do an upload from IE at any point or just synchronizations?

    And good eye with the "bookmarks" text. It's been updated and will be included in the next update.

  9. @Franco: Thanks for trying things out. Do you remember what steps you took to trigger the warning message?

  10. It seems that you are not synchronize icons on IE yet. But it looks good so far.

  11. @Sergei: Unfortunately we don't do that yet. It's on the list though and something we all want to see. :)

  12. I've used Foxmarks on Firefox for ages, so I was ecstatic when the beta for IE became available. So far so good, no problems and I'm a little more enthusiastic about using IE now because of it (still dont' like IE much though).
    ...but I can't wait for the beta of Foxmarks for Safari to come out. That will be excellent!

    oh, and I love the new foxmarks passwords. That's an essential too.

  13. Good job for doing it for IE!
    i'm a firefox user, but accross work and company web site i use IE. I badly needed something to sync my work machine and laptop favorites. Live Toolbar - Live Favorite sucks! simply don't do the job.
    and then Foxmarks for IE - kudos.

    Now, since I'm a beta tester, when should I submit the bugs I find?
    here's one -
    When you're network is OUT, launch the Setup Wizard (Run Setup Wizard button) and bam: IE go crazy, trying to open the login page over and over on countless tabs. only force killing Foxmarks and IE stop it.

  14. Need capability to sync to my own server like Firefox version does.

  15. Thank you for this extension. I wasn't aware of it until this moment, so I haven't tried it. But I will next semester.

    In the computer lab, we often have to install our own OSes to work on projects, and it frustrates me that I rush to catch up after installing my personal "must-have" software, as well (FF, OO, etc.) so I can access my bookmarks and more.

    Now at least, I will be able to access my bookmarks right away and can install FF before the second class, and not be behind during the first.

  16. it's a good idea, but on auto sync it says error. also every time i turn off the computer and turn it back on latter and open ie it starts the setup wizard.

  17. @Eli.Sagie: Thanks for the feedback! I'm taking a look at this problem now, hopefully it'll be fixed in our next release.

    @richard: Sorry to hear things aren't working great. Can you send your log file (accessible from the advanced settings dialog) to Also, I made some changes yesterday that should address the second problem you're running into. Again, our next release should fix that.

  18. I was able to sync the initial install of the Beta but ever since all I get is Sync Errors no matter how I try to sync

  19. I see version 0.9.39 has just been released, where can I find out what has been updated ?

  20. Great! Can you try to make one available for chrome too?

  21. Colin....

    So far the v0.9.39 has work fine. No errors that I've noticed so far.

    I wonder if we can have the option to have Foxmarks IE delete the old Favorites before synchronizing.

    I think this is necessary because I have notice that my 'Favorites' are retaining older versions of links that have been re-named.

    Having a 'Delete Before Synchronize' option would eliminate this problem.


  22. Verion v0.9.38. I have shared one of my foxmarks profiles with IE.

    It seemed to work fine at first. But when I run Firefox all the separators I had used to separate lists of bookmarks have been brought down to the end of my Bookmark folder.

  23. Is there any chance to Safari for Mac OS port? I using foxmarks with Firefox under windows at work and it would be nice to sync with Safari under Mac OS at home.

  24. i have noticed that one pc has the tray icon in a grey (ish) colour, why is this ? it seems to be sync'ing both ways fine and is the latest version.

  25. Hey this sounds great.
    Are there any plans for expanding the empire further, to other browsers like Konqueror ?

    Many thanks for a great product
    Peter Jespersen

  26. One suggestion: it would be nice if FF "Bookmarks Toolbar" was synced with IE "Links" since they both perform the same UI function (place the bookmarks in the toolbar).

    Otherwise it's looking good.

  27. Here's an example Colin...

    Old Favorite.. WindowsMedia Media Guide -

    New Bookmark.. Media Guide -

    When Foxmarks IE syncs the new bookmarks with the old Favorites it adds the new '' bookmark as a new Favorite.

    This shows up in the Favorites list as an addition to the older 'WindowsMedia Media Guide' listing. So I then have two links to the same address with different titles.

    So, having an option to Delete the Favorites before synchronizing the Bookmarks should prevent this from happening.


  28. Works great on IE7!!!
    THX ;)


  29. Having issues with managing duplicates with two IE & one Firefox browser. I keep getting dupes with (2) added. It would also be nice to have added features like AM-Deadlink.

  30. Ok, long time user of FM for FF. Truly need it to cross IE as well... Using IE7 (7.0.5730.11co) on WinXP (Pro2002-SP3).
    +Only got it to sync the very first time...pretty much completely duplicated all links...Went back to FF to fix things...
    +35GB log filling up my disk...shutdown the system tray
    +Popup to restart the service EVERY time I open a new TAB! and a window.
    +emailing log file to address here in forum (with copy of this message)

  31. I've been waiting for this, especially as I can't get Firefox to work too well at work.

    But it looks to be working in IE 6.

    Thanks for this! :-)

  32. After doing some cleanup of the IE bookmarks and resynchronizing, getting the following error:
    Wed Dec 10 10:43:24 2008: Nuking: fjlv5lxc-125
    Wed Dec 10 10:43:24 2008: Finding Deletes for: fjlv5lxc-125
    Wed Dec 10 10:43:24 2008: Executing command: delete
    Wed Dec 10 10:43:24 2008: Starting Do_delete for: fjlv5lxc-125
    Wed Dec 10 10:43:24 2008: Removing fjlv5lxc-125 from parent
    Wed Dec 10 10:43:24 2008: FoxmarksException during sync [3] attempt: FoxmarksException [501]: Node not found (it was empty): fjlv5lxc-125

    Setup: IE7

  33. @Marc: What version of Foxmarks are you using? We just released a new version on Monday 0.9.48 that should fix this problem. You may need to do an upload or download after upgrading to clean everything up, but after that things should work correctly.

    @MJQ: I think I responded to your email in email, let me know if you're still running into problems.

    @Pete: I'm not entirely sure what's going on there, but let me look through things a little bit more on our side and see if I can figure anything out.

  34. Estou precisando de um antivírus e de informações em português ou em espanhol.
    Agradeço a atençao da Firefox, uma vez que é o meu navegador
    padrão e eu não sou uma "expert" em informática!

  35. Por favor preciso de informações em português ou em espanhol!
    Também necessito urgente de um antivírus...alguém está interceptando minhas mensagens!
    Mozilla Firefox é o meu navegador padrão, é o mais simples para mim, uma vez que não sou uma "expert" em informática!
    Obrigada, abraços fraternais,
    Zezenka Moore.

  36. FOxmarks for IE beta, seems to consistently eliminate Firefox keywords. I use the keywords in my firefox bookmarks a lot, to get quick access to my favourites (i.e. just typing "w" into the address ba gets me to my weather page). Since synching with the i.e. beta 0.9.48 , all the keywards are gone!
    THnakfully i was able to download the old bookmarks with my.foxmarks(great feature!), but i can't use the I.E: beta until this is fixed.


  37. I just downloaded and installed the latetest version of Foxmarks Favorites Synchronizer for IE (v0.9.60). And cannot login to my account.

  38. As above I also now cannot sign in to my account Synchronizer for IE (v0.9.60).

  39. As above, I cannot log into my Foxmarks account with Foxmarks Favorites Synchronizer for IE 0.9.60.

  40. As above. no loggy in with 0.9.60

  41. If you're having trouble logging into 0.9.60: one thing you can try doing is going to the advanced setting and changing Encryption to none. Try logging in after that change and let me know if that doesn't work.

  42. foxmarks for ie 0.9.60 does not work when I have a password with 11 alphanumeric chars and "encrypt all" ist select. The login does not work
    When I changed it to another password with only 6 alphanumeric chars and "encrypt all" it works fine. I do not test it without encryption as Colin said it before. When I change password back to the old password with 11 alphanumeric chars and "encrypt all" I get the same results as before.

  43. Exact same problem for me also. As soon as I installed 0.9.60, I could no longer signin to my account. I get an error "Sign-in failed: username/password did not match."

  44. I wonder if the previous version is still available somewhere? I'm getting the popup sign in page endlessly. At least until the correction is written.

  45. Hey all,

    I think I might have figured out the problem. Can you try this version (0.9.61) and see if it fixes things for you?

    It's not an official release yet so you won't see it if you do a check for updates in the Foxmarks dialog. If this fixes things I'll make it an official release later today.

  46. Bingo! works great Colin, no sign in issues with the 0.0.61 version. thank you very much. All other functions seem fine as well.

  47. It (0.9.61) didn't work at first. I was able to login, but it wouldn't sync. I ran the Setup Wizard and was able to sync. Thanks for your prompt response!

  48. Thanks for helping me track this down, guys. I just made 0.9.61 an official release. If you haven't updated yet, you can get the latest version by going to the advanced dialog and checking for updates.

  49. I am having trouble with the IE plugin on two computers. I cannot get it t correctly recognize my password. I have changed my password twice and updates to Firefox work fine but IE give the same password mismatch error over and over.

    Also I have had ongoing issues with profiles not being respected by the IE plugin - I tellit to use a "work" profile and it still synchs all of my bookmarks.

    I am fine with not using this on IE but I really LOVE this addon! And unfortunately I am forced to use IE at work.

  50. 0.9.61 fixed the issue. I should have read the thread. Thanks!

  51. Huge fan of foxmarks for Firefox but my experience with the IE has not so good.

    I get duplicate entries with a "Â" in the description and with today's upgrade I'm getting a repeated notification that reads "server version does not match local, use server or local".... or something like that so I uninstalled the IE version just now.

    I'm now getting warning messages that my bookmark size is way smaller now compared to last time so I'd better back up quick.


  52. Great tool. Bug comment: OK, so automatically updating IE FFS kills syncing successfully (last two versions anyway). Running the Setup Wizard seems to resolve the issue. Something awry there...should not have to 'setup' again after updating the software.

  53. I have updated to V0.9.67
    When I try to sync I receive an error message "Foxmarks synchroization has been cancelled"
    Using IE Version 7.05 and Firefox V3.0.5
    I did not have this problem with V0.9.65

  54. Release notes are getting behind. Current release is 0.9.67. Release notes are only up to 0.9.65.

  55. Why doesn’t support Foxmarks for IE my own Server?

  56. Hi,
    I love Foxmarks for Firefox.
    I started to use the Beta for IE. There are some issues with the option to add properties to the Bookmarks. After sync with IE all Bookmarks in Firefox only have one line of Properties. In some bookmarks I had 5 to 10 lines of remarks. This was now reduced to one line.
    Lucky I had the backup!
    Please verify!

  57. @Rijnout: Thank you for reporting this issue. We discovered this bug recently and are planning on releasing a fix soon (hopefully this week). For everyone else, the bug is that Foxmarks for Internet Explorer beta sometimes chops off long bookmark descriptions. As Rijnout pointed out, don't worry, we keep your bookmarks backed up and you can easily go back to before the issue occurred.

  58. Don't do it!!! It messed up everything on my bookmarks! They're all out of order, and now firefox stops responding on all 3 of my computers.
    I hate it.