Sunday, March 1, 2009

Foxmarks is becoming Xmarks

I have some exciting news to share with you. Today, March 2nd 2009, we’re launching our new name and service: Xmarks. I’m actually at the DEMO conference in Palm Springs writing this post.

If you’re an existing Foxmarks user, you probably have a few questions about this launch and name change. Here are the rough highlights; we’ll be communicating with you in the coming weeks in much more detail about our plans to make this a seamless transition for all our Foxmarks members.

Our new Xmarks add-on is Firefox only. Internet Explorer and Safari versions are coming soon.

  • Xmarks is a superset of Foxmarks – it adds web discovery features to our world-class bookmark sync. Learn more here.

  • If you choose to upgrade to Xmarks, it will work seamlessly with your existing Foxmarks account and will sync with your other computers running Foxmarks. Install Xmarks here.

  • and our existing Foxmarks add-ons won’t change overnight. We expect to have upgrades to all three Foxmarks versions available by the end of March and we’ll provide you with more detailed info once we return from the DEMO conference.

  • We’re still hard at work finding better, faster ways to sync more things in your browser.

We’d love to hear what you think of our new Xmarks site and add-on, please drop us a line.

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James Joaquin
CEO, Xmarks Inc.


  1. Pleaaaase bump the Chrome version...

  2. Thanks! But the feature "web discovery" only works with
    (e.g. it doesn't work with

  3. So, umm... what does it do?

  4. I have one reaction to this: Feature creep!
    I got into Foxmarks years ago for the bookmarks sync, skipped password sync, and will skip "xmarks". Thanks.

  5. I like the new Site Info feature, really handy. Do you have any plans on integrated the search thing into Yahoo as well?

  6. I hope old clean foxmarks still frills edition. Else i am heading to something else.

  7. Merry X-mass! Xd

    I guess Xmarks isn't /that/ bad a name, considering what it does. I don't much care for statistical information--at least, not from a browser syncing extension. It looks like a good idea, but I would keep it separate from Foxmarks unless there's a way to turn it off. It could add what some would call clutter to their search results, and may slow down the browser considerably (depending on the power of the machine running it).

    I'll probably pass on using this extension, but I'm sure there are others who will use and appreciate it. Thanks, and keep up the good work. ^.^

  8. So, you are going to share out users bookmarks to other users as search results?

  9. Also, James did not answer this so I will, ;)

    You can turn off all of these new features if you do not want them.

  10. Is it just me or is the Xmarks icon in the address bar a little too dark blue colour?
    My eye keeps on being drawn to it when it should really be blending into the interface subtlety (I'm using Visa with aero).

    I'd like it a little lighter - Looking at the Xmarks logo at the top of this page then maybe more the colour of the top of the logo than the bottom.

  11. "Access Denied (content_filter_denied)

    Your request was denied because of its content categorization: "Pornography"

    For assistance, contact your network support team."

    The new name (as much as I like it) seems to have a "special" history. Me and probably a lot of others (since the content filter list is very common) won't have access to it from their office internet. Hope the other domain will be available for syncing, too.

  12. Perhaps the team creating and evolving Foxmarks doesn't see the new search aggregate as a "feature creep" problem, since it has been in the works since the inception of Foxmarks. However, many people who use Foxmarks like it the way it is. My hope is that the "turn it off" part of what you have promised on searches is EASILY FOUND. If not, I request that it be made so; perhaps as easy to find the "delete passwords" under Sync feature. Many people have good computers, just not Alien computers with endless (or seemingly endless) CPU and RAM available. I have 3 gigs of RAM and the problem is not Foxmarks, specifically. However, with all the other CPU and RAM hogs out there, one must make sacrifices. I doubt many will sacrifice security for an endlessly growing pile of saved searches. I, myself, start on a plain Google page. Almost everything I do starts there. I don't want the load on my machine of having to keep up with searches I don't choose to save. I see this as an "extra" many will want to do without as most browsers allow the saving of a "search/brainstorming" session to be bookmarked already. Seems redundant to me. Foxmarks will save my saved search sessions already. Why have it automatically built in? Is it because no one saves their history anymore? Thanks.

  13. About "Smarter Search":
    Foxmarks/Xmarks is not the first to come up with a balloon that shows a preview of the "next page" or the page the link goes to. I found it in Interclue (addon for Firefox) singularly useless. First of all, what shows up in the balloon is missing important information such as content and photos. All it seems to show is a brief description and all the links on the page that are secondary to the links most users use. Second of all, why bother with all that when clicking on the link and opening in a second tab is part of why Tabbing inside browsers has become nearly universal? It seems redundant to me.

  14. Sorry, in the first link to getsatisfaction I accidentally misspelled satisfaction. The second link is correct.

    Also, any replies from Xmarks employees to my and nobodyzsukey's comments would be appreciated.

  15. I'm assuming that installing Xmarks in Firefox does not affect the sync for Foxmarks installed on IE and Safari. Correct?

    Just want to be sure that bookmarks maintained by Xmarks are synched to IE and Safari. I understand that Xmark discovery-type functions will not be available for IE and Safari at this time.

  16. Hi Foxmarks Team,

    My original purpose of visiting the blog was to look for a place to leave feedback. I'll do that first. Foxmarks is brilliant product. I use a computer at work, plus a laptop, Mac, PC and Linux box at my side business (DD Poker) on a regular basis. It was always frustrating to have disparate bookmarks all over the place. Foxmarks not only took a great idea and made it real, but they did so in a seamless way. I love that I add a bookmark at home and find it already in my bookmarks list at work.

    With regard to the new "xmarks" - I have to say I do not like the name. Foxmarks is a great name and only loosely tied to "Firefox". I'm not a profressional brand manager, but from a layman's perspective, "Foxmarks" has more cache - is more fun than "xmarks". Other than the "X marks the spot" play on words, 'xmarks' seems sterile (like something Microsoft would offer .. ala Xbox').

    Go back now. Before it's too late.


  17. stumbleupon is already doing those things you are wanting to do. do something compelling as opposed to just copying. you're not adding anything new to the market. i won't be using any of the new features and will see it as bloat.

  18. hi,I think the domain name is better than,and is easier to remember,why you chang it....

  19. There's a real privacy issue here. How do I opt out of having my bookmarks used to drive "smarter search"?

    Re. feature creep, I completely agree. Chrome and stable Safari support is *way* more important to me than a re-hashing of stumbleupon...

  20. Dog Snouts. I say again: Dog Snouts

  21. People hate change, that's just a fact of life, but I say ignore them, eventually they'll come around (look at what happens every time Facebook change something). The name change was clearly necessary to stop the product appearing as a Firefox-only thing.

    Installed first time onto Firefox 3.1 beta 3, what more could I ask. Well done guys.