Monday, May 18, 2009

Get the Buzz on

We just released a few great features on Here's the scoop:

Get the Buzz on a Site

Want to know what people are saying about a site? Visit the page for that site on and click on the brand new "Buzz" tab. We'll scour Twitter and find you the most recent tweets about it. Here's an example of some recent buzz on Xmarks:

Buzz Tab and Translate Feature

Along with user reviews about web sites, we think this new Buzz Tab is a great way to see what real people are saying about any given web site in real time, for example, here's the buzz on If you're a hardcore Trekkie, you might also like the Xmarks topic page on Star Trek.

Translate Text

Ever stumble across a great foreign site and wish you could learn more about it? We've added a feature to each site's page on Xmarks that translates information about the site into your browser's preferred language (see above). Click the button to translate title, description, reviews and buzz. Despite our love of Star Trek mentioned above, this feature does not yet support Klingon.

Recently Reviewed

Curious about what sites people are passionate about? We now display the most recently reviewed sites on our homepage. If you're a site owner, encourage your visitors to review your site on We'll showcase your site on our homepage for a while and send visitors your way. Visit our homepage.