Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Xmarks Hot List: Follow This!

xmarks hotlist blog imageOne of the advantages of processing about a million new bookmarks each day is that we get a pretty good picture of which sites our user community loves and which topics are grabbing their attention.  We think our users have done a great job and we'd like to share some of their best finds with you.

Xmarks has now created a new Twitter account that publishes the hottest new sites and topics.  It's the XmarksHotList, and it updates a few times a day.

Here's how we do it.  Each day as new bookmarks stream through our system, we validate them, anonymize them, aggregate them, and score them.  At the end of this process we create ranked lists of the web pages that are spiking in popularity.  Sometimes they're new diet tips and sometimes they're the first appearance on the web of an emergent technology.  This is the Xmarks Hot List.

While a number of other sites do a great job of surfacing hot news stories to read, our Xmarks Hot List is composed of the sites, images, videos, and technologies that compelled our users to bookmark them.  These are the pages that people want to save and revisit.

Come follow the XmarksHotList on Twitter and discover great new sites as fast as we do.