Monday, April 12, 2010

How to View your Xmarks Bookmarks on the iPad

Xmarks on the iPad

Before you get too excited, this is not an announcement of Xmarks Sync for the iPad - we need Apple to open up APIs to their Mobile Safari web browser before we can build that. What you can do today from your iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch) is to visit

Once you log in, you'll see an iPad-optimized view of your bookmarks, including your folders and your "Bookmarks Toolbar" folder.

Two quick features to note:

1) in the top right there's a "Find" button - use that to search for a particular bookmark.

2) in the bottom left there's a "View My Xmarks in:" setting. Click on "Classic" to switch to the standard web site where you can add, delete, edit and reorder bookmarks and access our advanced features like sync profiles.



  1. Any chance you have a Bookmarklet to make it easy to save a Bookmark from the iPad to Xmarks?

  2. webOS support would be nice...

  3. Agree with Kevin, a Bookmarklet would be very helpful.

  4. I hardly ever use my desktop computer anymore after I started using an iPad. The only thing I really miss is X-marks!

  5. I like the idea of being able to sync the profiles. I can see the Ipad being as popular as the Iphone before it.

  6. Lovin my iPad except for its lack of bookmark syncing. This is a fairly cumbersome solution, but I suppose it's better than nothing.

    Is there a way to add new bookmarks to the "iPhone" view?

  7. I totally agree. A bookmarklet is sorely needed. And I suspect it is not so difficult to implement.

    That said, if you have a Windows computer running IE, there is sort of a roundabout way of having two-way Xmarks sync with Safari on the iPad. Load Xmarks sync tool for IE, and iCloud for Windows on you windows machine. Xmarks will sync to IE, and iCloud can sync IE bookmarks to Safari on the iPad.

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  9. just tried this and nothing happens - stays on the login screen