Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tab Sync in Xmarks for Firefox!

We're excited today to announce support for a top user-requested feature: open tab sync in Xmarks for Firefox. We're launching this as an opt-in feature that you can easily activate in the Xmarks Settings dialog. Just go to Tools → Xmarks → Settings → Sync and check to enable sync of Open Tabs. The feature will soon be available in and in Xmarks for Chrome, too. Here's how you turn it on:

Of what use is this, you ask? Imagine that you are working on an important research project at the office. You have to leave in the midst of your work to catch your helicopter ride home to your personal tropical island (if we're going to imagine, we might as well go big, right?). When you arrive home, you open up your limited-edition diamond-encrusted laptop, and in a few clicks, you've opened all the web pages that you had open at work. So you can continue your research into a cure for cancer until the wee hours of the morning.

How does it work? Just like bookmark and password sync, Xmarks watches for changes to your set of open windows and tabs, and when it notices a quiet moment, it sends that set to our server, which stores it in your password-protected account. Once you enable the feature, this happens silently in the background.

Whenever you need to retrieve a tab from another computer, just select “Open Remote Tabs” on the Xmarks menu (right-click on the status bar icon or Tools → Xmarks → Settings):

A window opens showing your list of computers, browsers, and their open windows and tabs:


Click a single tab to open it locally, or click a browser window to open that entire window (along with all of its tabs). Easy!

The full diamond-encrusted version is now available for download on the Mozilla Add-ons Site and Please enjoy!

What do you think? We'd love to hear your comments and feedback.