Friday, July 16, 2010

Xmarks for iPhone & iPod touch Now Available

The Xmarks mobile app for iPhone and iPod touch is now available in Apple's iTunes App Store at the less-than-a-latte price of $0.99.

It's designed for Xmarks users that want to access all their desktop bookmarks and open tabs on their iDevice.

It works with all versions of the iPhone & iPod touch, with iPad support coming soon.

Key features include:

  • works with Xmarks for IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Mac Safari

  • access all bookmark folders including your bookmarks toolbar

  • bookmark search

  • open remote tabs across all your computers & browsers

  • built-in browser to view your bookmarks without leaving the app

UPDATE: Version 1.25 is NOW AVAILABLE in the iTunes App Store! This version adds a more streamlined user interface and a fix for the iPad bug in the previous version.

Coming Soon to Xmarks for iPhone:

  • improved user interface

  • ability to add and edit bookmarks for 2-way sync

  • full screen iPad support

  • and lots more!

Remember that even without Xmarks for iPhone (or an iPhone for that matter), you can point any smartphone to and get mobile access to your bookmarks and open tabs.


  1. Where is the version for Android??? :(

  2. I'll wait until "ability to add and edit bookmarks for 2-way sync" released

  3. Patrick CorcoranJuly 16, 2010 at 1:34 PM

    Great job! Xmarks, you have won my heart. :)

    I already had my bookmarks on the iPhone because of Mac/Safari sync. I already had an Xmarks iPhone Home Screen icon because, well, because you can do that anyway with mobile Safari.

    But giving me access on my phone to the tabs I left open on another machine? Priceless. Or if not priceless, then certainly a bargain at $0.99.


  4. Blogged:

    Waiting 4 Android ;)


  5. Seems a bit buggy. Opening open tabs takes way too long and went right into one of my computers:firefox. I have 5 computers setup and can't get to the others through this app.

    If you click on a page, it takes way too long. Click back and go to another and the first one opens. Bizarre.

    When you click on a URL, you should clear out the previous page while loading the new one

    At the top of the main scren, I'd rather see XMarks than my username. I know who I am. I'd like to see the app I'm in when I pick up my iPhone.

    Under Account Settings, put in a bad username and password. Try to log in. Then fix the username. The Login as button at the bottom never gets fixed. Even after a successful login, the button never changes.

    After login, if you go to account settings, you hvae to login again to get back to the other screens. Settings should be a button at the bottom.

    Not sure this is ready for mass consumption. It will get killed in the app store with bad ratings, which is a shame.

  6. So hang on, is this really "Xmarks for iphone" or just an app version of ?

    Xmarks for the four browsers integrates with the browser and syncs its bookmarks. If I buy this app, does it intergrate with safari on the iphone or do I just get a list of my bookmarks inside an app?

  7. That is very awesome that they came out with the iPhone and iPod apps, but what about the iPad?

    Is that coming soon ;-)


  8. @Brendan, thanks for the bug reports. We've got a new version already in the Apple approval queue that fixes several bugs. We'll also consider your UI suggestions for the next revision.

    @Mat, this app does *not* sync your desktop bookmarks to Apple's built in iPhone browser. Believe me, we would love to do that but Apple will not allow us. I guess they want you to pay $99 for MobileMe ;-) The Xmarks iPhone app does let you access all your bookmarks and load web pages from within the app. You can also access all your open tabs from your desktop browser(s).

    Android users, we're workin' on that too!

  9. Thank you, James. I too, like Eduardo and Caschy, am waiting for the Android version.

    You didn't happen to mention a time frame, did you?

    Stacy O.

  10. Thank you, James. I too, like Eduardo and Caschy, am waiting for the Android version.

    You didn't happen to mention a time frame, did you?

  11. mhhh, what i´m doing wrong? The app seems to work, login succ., download seems to work but than i cant see nothing. I also synchronsied profiles, like in FAQ was told but using "search" only starts the google-search.

  12. @Arnd: maybe you're looking in the Safari browser and not in the Xmarks app? See my earlier comment... Apple does not allow us to sync directly with the iPhone's browser. Instead, launch the Xmarks app and from there you can access all your bookmarks and the browser tabs open on your other computers.

    If you need help making sense of all that, drop us an email at support (at)


  13. Glad there's an Android version in the pipeline and really hope it's not too long before its ready. And because Android doesn't have the same limitation as iOS regarding integration with other apps, it would be great if the Android version of XMarks could sync with the browser too.

  14. I have been an Xmarks user since 2007 on multiple computers and have been really happy.

    Wish I could say the same for Xmarks for iPhone. I couldn't get it to sync any bookmarks despite setting and resetting. I finally unmarked all bookmarks in my profile and then clicked on a couple. Those synced. Then I added a couple of more and those synced. Then I clicked on the rest but no more synced. I have several thousand bookmarks.

    If there are limits to the number, it should be stated someplace.

  15. PLEASE do not make at any point this iOS 4 only.
    PLEASE always keep 3.x compatible.
    I am seeing more and more apps iOS4 only and as iOS4 made my 3G slow to a treacle like crawl I downgraded.


  16. On my iPad afte start The application i see the spalsh screen but afte some seconda The splashdown screen disappears and become blackout and nothing happen.
    Is it a know bug?
    My system is set in italian.


  17. Any plans for a Palm/HP WebOS version? The web technologies based SDK for that platform would probably be very well-suited to an XMarks app.

  18. Does the iPhone app support "Use own server" like the FF version does? Or can the iPhone app only load bookmarks from

  19. Thanks james, this is one simple application for my iphone!!

  20. I have over 100,000 bookmarks. Xmarks App and Firefox Home seem not to be able to handle this volume. Is this a known issue. What are the limitaions of XMarks iPhone App?

  21. So I guess I'd be safe in assuming that it cannot do passwords (since it can't sync directly with iPhone browser, but it's good to see an Android version is coming in the future, cause I'll probably get one as my next phone)...

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