Thursday, August 5, 2010

Xmarks for iPhone & iPad v1.2.7

A new version of our Xmarks iApp is now live in the iTunes app store. Here are some feature highlights, including new full screen browsing for the iPad:

Navigate and search your browser bookmarks:

Retrieve an open browser tab from any of your computers:

Switch between bookmarks & built-in browser without leaving the app:

When running on the iPad, version 1.2.7 gives you full screen browsing.


  1. When are we getting an Android Xmarks app?

  2. Great stuff guys. Will sync between mobile safari bookmarks and xmarks be possible?

  3. Neato!

    Small bug: on the open tabs page, if you can't reach the host for a given tab, you end up on a "Can't reach host" screen from which there is no UI escape.

  4. Happy user of Xmarks here. Some minor quibbles, but this is a real boon for a multi-device life. Have the app on my iPod Touch, am wondering how to get it to update/sync with the Xmarks 'home' server. Thanks for help U can provide.

  5. Figured out how to get Xmarks for iPod Touch to sync. (Question of 7 Aug.) You have to log in from the 'account settings' page each time you use it or want your Touch-based version to sync changes from Xmarks.

    In future versions, perhaps a 'sync' button similar to browser-based Xmarks?

  6. I would also like to see an android app so I can sync to my EVO.

  7. Also awaiting an Xmarks client for Android - the existing bookmark managers are not very good

  8. Thanks all for the feedback and bug reports. We're listening.

    A new version has already been submitted to Apple that fixes many of the bugs you found and adds automatic background sync to retrieve changes to your bookmarks. Sync between Xmarks and Mobile Safari bookmarks is not allowed by Apple (that's why we built a browser into our Xmarks iPhone app) - you'll have to petition Apple to open Safari up.

    An Android version is working on our lab table... getting closer to release. Hang in there!

  9. You need to be able to import Xmarks bookmarks into Safari. It should replace the Safari bookmarks. I don't want two browsers open.