Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Direct Import from Delicious

go to http://buy.xmarks.com/delicious.php
Following our previous post about migrating from Delicious to Xmarks, we have officially released a direct importer for your Delicious bookmarks.

If you're ready to export from Delicious, go to http://buy.xmarks.com/delicious.php, where you may be prompted to login to Xmarks if you're not already:

After logging in to your Xmarks account, you'll be prompted to select the type of Delicious account you use, either the newer login via your Yahoo! account, or the older login with your del.icio.us:

After signing in, you will see a table with the Delicious bookmarks that are available for import:

Once you have selected and double-checked your bookmarks for import, you can click "Import Selected Items" to initiate import, after which you'll receive an "import successful" message.

You will automatically be redirected to my.xmarks.com where you can see a new folder for your imported Delicious sites:

If you select "Details" for a specific bookmark, you'll be able to pull up the edit box and view the Delicious tags for that site:

If you run into any sync errors please email us at support@xmarks.com with details; there are some limitations with Yahoo's API that could cause problems for a few users.

Help spread the word to those who would consider Xmarks as an alternative choice!


  1. That's handy, but could we please get an Opera plugin now that they finally have them? We are waiting on an xmarks plugin to change over to opera.

  2. Agree!

    It is coming is what I have heard, but have no idea when!

    As soon as it is out, I can finally get all my bookmarks synced to my other machines and browsers as I have them currently all stuck in Opera all organized ready for syncing.

    I will then (if it works as well as all the lastpass stuff does) then buy the combo premium offering to use both services from my phone.


  3. This is a nice looking feature, but it seems to be broken for me. I attempted the import, I provided my yahoo credentials, I agree to allow access to yahoo and I am shown a list of my delicious bookmarks. When I click the 'Import Checked Items' an error is displayed. "an error occurred parseerror: undefined"

  4. I'm getting the same as Zoredache.
    Ubuntu 10.10/Firefox 3.6.13

  5. Same issue as Zoredache. I have over 7000 delicious bookmarks. WXP, Chrome.

  6. I am trying to import using my old delicious credentials and I keep getting "Delicious servers have reported a timeout error. Please try again later."

    I have tried several times. I only have about 150 bookmarks in delicious so i cannot be because of it trying to read in the bookmarks.

    I would really hate to have to use the old way and import 100 then delete them from delicious then import the rest. That seems a little arcane when there is an 'importer' available.

  7. Did anybody look into this? I'too get the error when trying to import the bookmarks from delicious. I have an "old" account and about 1800 bookmarks...

  8. I'm trying to import using my old Delicious-credentials.

    The bookmarks show up, and all are checked. But I get an error message when I click "Import checked items". This also happens if I only try to import one single item.

    The error only says "An error occured: error : undefined".

  9. We are waiting on an xmarks plugin to change over to opera.

  10. can you add direct importer for diigo to

  11. Does this plugin for opera alreasy exist?

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  12. It processes just the first 1000 bookmarks.

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