Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Xmarks for Android is here!

In case you missed it in the excitement of our acquisition announcement last week, we wanted to officially announce the release of our new Android app!

Xmarks Premium users can now download the app from the Android market to start accessing your desktop bookmarks and open tabs on your mobile device.

Launching the Xmarks app brings up a list of your folders and sites as you've arranged them in your desktop vault, allowing you to quickly scroll through to select a bookmark:

Tapping on one of your listed sites will launch the URL in your default browser:

In addition to easy access to your favorite sites, the Android app includes an Open Tab feature that lets you grab the URLs for any active tabs on your desktop. If you're running out the door and later need access to the sites you left open on your computer, you can easily access and launch them from your mobile device with Open Tab Sync.

There's a 2-week free trial for the Android app, so try it out before upgrading!