Thursday, December 30, 2010

Xmarks for Dolphin HD Has Arrived!

The Xmarks plugin for the Dolphin HD Browser for Android is now available for download in the Android market.

First search for the Dolphin HD Browser in the market and download to your Droid. Once installation is complete you can navigate back to the market to search for "Xmarks Dolphin" and install the plugin. After launching the Dolphin Browser, you can swipe the screen to the left to view the extensions toolbar, where Xmarks should now appear:

Tapping on the icon allows you to login to your account and initiate syncing of your stored bookmarks:

Once synchronization is complete, you can swipe to the right to view your Bookmarks bar. Tapping on a bookmark entry launches it in the Dolphin browser.

To view your bookmarks in folder format, you can either tap 'Bookmarks' at the bottom of the Bookmarks bar, or you can swipe left, click on the gear icon, and tap 'Bookmarks'.

Xmarks for Dolphin is a Premium product, with a two-week free trial that allows you to test it out before committing to a Premium upgrade.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Direct Import from Delicious

go to
Following our previous post about migrating from Delicious to Xmarks, we have officially released a direct importer for your Delicious bookmarks.

If you're ready to export from Delicious, go to, where you may be prompted to login to Xmarks if you're not already:

After logging in to your Xmarks account, you'll be prompted to select the type of Delicious account you use, either the newer login via your Yahoo! account, or the older login with your

After signing in, you will see a table with the Delicious bookmarks that are available for import:

Once you have selected and double-checked your bookmarks for import, you can click "Import Selected Items" to initiate import, after which you'll receive an "import successful" message.

You will automatically be redirected to where you can see a new folder for your imported Delicious sites:

If you select "Details" for a specific bookmark, you'll be able to pull up the edit box and view the Delicious tags for that site:

If you run into any sync errors please email us at with details; there are some limitations with Yahoo's API that could cause problems for a few users.

Help spread the word to those who would consider Xmarks as an alternative choice!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Xmarks for BlackBerry

xmarks for blackberry

We're excited to announce our new offering for Xmarks Premium users, the release of our new Xmarks for BlackBerry app! As part of our effort to expand our support for multiple platforms and devices, the Xmarks app makes syncing and editing your bookmarks easy while you're on the go.

The application can be downloaded at for BBOS 5+ and is coming soon to BlackBerry App World. Xmarks for BlackBerry is free for all Xmarks Premium users, while there's a free 14-day trial if you'd like to test it out before subscribing.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Migrating from Delicious to Xmarks

We've heard the news about Delicious, and want our users to know that we're currently working on a solution for migrating your Delicious bookmarks directly to Xmarks.

It's already possible to import your Delicious bookmarks by exporting to your favorite browser, setting up and installing Xmarks, and then syncing the browser data to your Xmarks account. We recommend checking out the Lifehacker article on how to get started:

We will have a direct importer available within the next day or so to make the process even easier.

If you have friends or family currently using Delicious who are looking for an alternative, recommend Xmarks!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Xmarks for Android is here!

In case you missed it in the excitement of our acquisition announcement last week, we wanted to officially announce the release of our new Android app!

Xmarks Premium users can now download the app from the Android market to start accessing your desktop bookmarks and open tabs on your mobile device.

Launching the Xmarks app brings up a list of your folders and sites as you've arranged them in your desktop vault, allowing you to quickly scroll through to select a bookmark:

Tapping on one of your listed sites will launch the URL in your default browser:

In addition to easy access to your favorite sites, the Android app includes an Open Tab feature that lets you grab the URLs for any active tabs on your desktop. If you're running out the door and later need access to the sites you left open on your computer, you can easily access and launch them from your mobile device with Open Tab Sync.

There's a 2-week free trial for the Android app, so try it out before upgrading!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

LastPass Acquires Xmarks!

Today we're excited to announce that Xmarks has been acquired by LastPass, makers of a leading cross-platform password manager. It's a great opportunity that ensures the survival of Xmarks as the same service that you know and love.

In the last few years, we've attracted over 4.5 million users syncing more than 1 billion bookmarks across 5 million computers. Most importantly, we've provided a simple solution to help people easily access their bookmarks, wherever and whenever they needed to. We've had thousands of users tell us that Xmarks has become an integral part of their browsing experience. You can rest assured that LastPass will continue to build upon the service in the coming months.

We're also committed to keeping Xmarks free while implementing a viable long-term plan. Xmarks is transitioning to a "freemium" business model, the same model that allowed LastPass to grow into a thriving, profitable business. The browser add-on and the vast majority of what users have enjoyed remains free. Users can then opt to purchase Xmarks Premium for $12 per year, which includes new enhanced features like Android and iPhone mobile phone apps, priority support, and more. The Xmarks and LastPass Premium offerings are also available bundled together at a reduced subscription rate of $20 per year. For those of you who pledged your financial support, you can make good on your pledge today and upgrade.

The restructuring of the Xmarks offerings will accelerate the introduction of new features and service improvements. The two services will continue to require separate downloads and will be administered through two distinct extensions and websites, although there are plans to integrate them in the future.

We believe the acquisition will prove to be a success because of the common mission shared by LastPass and Xmarks. Xmarks complements LastPass' vision of secure, universal access to the information that gives you entry to your digital life. By joining LastPass, Xmarks will also be able to accelerate the introduction of new features and developments. As the ultimate cross-browser, cross-platform team, Xmarks and LastPass will work together to help more people simplify their digital lives and access their data from anywhere, at any time.

We're excited to join forces with LastPass and be a part of a team that will continue to provide the best data-syncing tools out there! We hope you will support both of these great services through your business and your Premium subscription. For more information, please see the FAQs.

The Xmarks & LastPass Teams