Monday, March 12, 2012

New: Xmarks for Windows Phone 7 is Here!

The Xmarks app is now available in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace! The app is the latest addition to our suite of Premium features in our ongoing quest to expand access to your bookmarks. You can trial the app for 2 weeks to test out features before deciding to upgrade to Premium (which operates on a per-account, rather than a per-device, basis).

View Bookmarks in Folders

After installing the app and logging in with your username and password, you'll see your folders and subfolders displayed in A-Z alphabetical order. The number of bookmarks stored in each folder and subfolder is indicated in parenthesis to the right of the folder's name.

You can swipe up the screen to quickly scan your folders. Tapping on the name of a folder or subfolder loads a list of that folders bookmarks, where you can swipe up or down to search for a specific bookmark.

The title of the bookmark is visible in white, with the URL listed below, in red. Tapping on the bookmark's name or URL launches it in the stock browser.

To navigate back to the main view of your folders, simply tap the device's back button.

Search for a Bookmark

When you need to search for a specific bookmark, you simply tap the "search" option. Tapping the search field allows you to start typing a relevant keyword or site name. The bookmarks auto-sort to display matching sites as you narrow your search.

Again, simply tap the bookmark's name to launch it in the stock browser.

Sync Open Tabs

If you have enabled "Open Tab Sync" for your account, tap the "tabs" view to see a list of your devices and number of open tabs. If this feature isn't currently enabled for your account, you can go to your Xmarks icon on your desktop browser, select "Xmarks Settings", choose the "Sync" tab, and check "Open Tabs". You'll need to select this option on every Xmarks browser addon you have installed; you can name the device, and individual browsers, so they are easily identifiable in other locations.

Tapping the name of the device allows you to view the tabs that are currently open. Again, simply tapping the name of the tab allows you to launch the URL in the stock browser.

Force a Refresh to Sync Your Data

Although polling happens automatically to keep your data up-to-date across your devices, you can refresh your data at any time by selecting the sync option. The icon appears at the bottom of your screen throughout the app, represented by the image of the two arrows circling back on each other.

More on the way!

We're continuing to develop and improve Xmarks, stay tuned for updates in the near future.

The Xmarks Team


  1. I like this a lot but it is not working for me. It closes immediately after opening.

  2. Where can i get help on installing xmarks on new ipad..downloaded it and try to sync...been syncing for 2 hrs....what is going on. Where do the bookmars show up....


  3. Replies
    1. An Android app is already available in the Google Play Store for Xmarks Premium Users:

  4. Is xmarks application is available in android platform.

    1. Yes, an Android app is already available in the Google Play Store for Xmarks Premium Users:

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